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“Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”        

 2 Cor. 9:6-7

What is a Legacy Trip?

All cultures have some form of a rite of passage celebration such as Quinceanera or an 18th birthday party. Jim and Jerolyn have established a rite of passage trip based on Jesus’ temple trip. When their children reach age 14, they take them to a location of the child’s choosing. Jim and Jerolyn establish the agenda. Jim and Jerolyn often say, “The child chooses the location; we set the agenda.” They call it a Legacy Trip.

This is a wonderful “rite of passage” trip to celebrate their child. While doing something their child loves to do, Jim and Jerolyn will each day review the values that they have been raising their child with all their life. You could say this is a time of passing off of the baton. The child is of an age that they need to take ownership of those values and move forward in their life with the responsibility of the values as their own. Since they are still under their parent’s roof, the child will have supervision as they continue to walk in the values and make decisions as to their future.

Each value comes with a gift to represent that value. For example, Positive Attitude comes with an eagle figurine. And the question they ask their child is, “How high will you fly?” Your attitude determines your altitude. If you want to fly high with the eagles, you must maintain a positive attitude in life.

At the end of the trip, the child is left with these tangible reminders of not just a wonderful trip with their parents, but daily reminders of the values they are striving to maintain.

In Faith Legacy: Six Values to Shape Your Child’s Journey, Jim and Jerolyn give very practical ideas and resources for taking a Legacy Trip. Start planning today for a very memorable trip of a lifetime.

Jim and Jerolyn are offering to put together trips for parents and children who might like the same location or idea of a trip. They will also join you at the start of the trip to help be your guide as you begin this trip. You can do this on your own or join us with others who would like to have a “guide” along the way. Let them know if you are interested in this concept (see the “Contact Us” tab), and they can begin to personalize a trip for you.

Also, Jim and Jerolyn are offering Legacy Trip gift sets to include all of the items for a trip, including gifts, notes, a book, and helpful hints to make the trip a success. Contact them today if you are interested.

Live and leave a legacy of significance.

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