Celebrate and assess team members, discover self-awareness, uncover challenges, and create healthy communication through this interactive learning experience.
Check out the John Maxwell Teams’ The Leadership Game here.



You may know your own personality, but do you know how others perceive you? This easy-to-take assessment will provide you with a 31-page report showing you how to connect with your co-workers, your clients, your board, or any relationship in your world.

Jim and Jerolyn are certified to walk you through the assessment and coach you to a higher self-awareness and others-awareness to create a greater impact in your relationships.


Customized to your organization.
To build a culture where your team can thrive, you must have unwavering trust and solid communication among the members. This requires understanding roles and focused listening. Knowing not only your own personality and how you communicate, but also the personalities of those people on your team is the beginning. Once you have learned about each other, what are best ways to move the team forward?
Jim and Jerolyn Bogear have developed a process to walk teams through these points of trust, communication, cooperation, and forward movement.



How well do I lead? Am I just in a position, or am I making a difference as a leader? How do I lead/influence those over me, next to me, or under my leadership care? How much do I care for them and invest in my leadership to help others win?

What about developing other leaders around your team or organization. Leadership development is key to raise the level of the organization, be more productive, and accomplish what you desire in whatever organization you lead. The same goes for developing other leaders. Invest in their leadership development to make the team stronger and more productive.



What is your personal growth plan or what growth plan do you have in place for others in your organization or team? We have personally found that the hardest person to lead is ourselves. When I begin to lead myself well, then I can be a contributor to others’ success. Self-awareness and self-discipline moves us to self-leadership. Put a plan together to grow and develop to be the best you.

THE WORKSHOP PROCESS: An interactive workshop designed for you and your team.

Workshop Time Options:
  • 2-3-hour
  • 6-hour
  • 2-Day Retreat – Would include added team training and development.
Ongoing Training:

3-hour session for follow up, accountability, and further training.

Legacy C3 offers their own materials, as well as, a variety of trainings from The John Maxwell Team.

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Coaching is a trust relationship where the coach helps you move in your strengths toward your goals.
You set the agenda, the coach directs the conversation.
You process your situation through questions the coach asks.
You see your career/life through new lenses the coach provides.
You establish an action plan, the coach holds you accountable.
Coaching works on the whole person.


Coaching increases productivity…
  • 788% on ROI for executives getting coaching personally.
  • 400% in the value of training.
  • 99% in leadership effectiveness, for coached executives, as identified by those observing them.


  • Establish goals for your business and for your personal life.
  • Meet 1-2 times every month to work on reaching those goals.
  • Establish a 6- or 12-month contract.
  • 24/7 access to your coach via email.
  • Bonus 20-minute “Urgent” sessions when you need them.
  • Support and resources.
  • Someone to be your greatest cheerleader and hold your feet to the fire.
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Jim and Jerolyn Bogear are motivational communicators who inspire and impact organizations and businesses to soar higher and achieve more than ever before.
They will provide motivational talks (such as a general or main session), seminars, and breakouts for conferences and corporate gatherings.
Contact Legacy C3 for pricing and customization.

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